Woman wins lotto TWICE after accidentally buying two tickets in the same draw – netting $1.3million

A woman has become instant millionaire after winning the lottery not once, but twice in the same draw.
Leap Day is considered unlucky to some, but the woman from Cairns, in far north Queensland, was leaping for joy when she found out her luck had come in twice on February 29.

Each winning ticket is worth more than $647,000.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be named, accidentally bought two tickets online in Saturday’s division one prize pool.
She said she freaked out when she saw the winning numbers and called her sister to double check.
‘It wasn’t until after I got off the phone with my sister that I saw I had another winning entry in the weekend’s draw and I freaked out all over again,’ she said.

‘I picked those winning numbers because they mean something special to me.’
She said she would spend the money on a home and share some with her family.
The odds of winning a division one prize, based on one game, are one in 8,145,060, Golden Casket says.
There were six entries that won a division one prize of about $675,000 – three were from Queensland, and one each in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia

The woman plans to spend her winnings, almost $1.3 million, on a house and would also share some with her family

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