Apple Store iPhone Screen repair costs in Australia

Damaged iPhone Screen? Want to compare price between Apple Store and third party repair shop? iPhone Screen Replacement Price List between us and Apple store in Australia. We use OEM parts with 3 months warranty, walk in service from 9am to 6pm

The following screen repair prices apply if:

  • You need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn't covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Your iPhone screen gets broken while it's still under warranty and you don't have AppleCare+ coverage.
  • Your screen stops working and your iPhone isn't covered by the Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.

If your iPhone has additional damage that's not limited to the screen, see the "Other damage" fees.

Screen Repair Our Price Apple Price
iPhone 5/5S/5C $59 $219
iPhone 6 $69 $219
iPhone 6S $89 $249
iPhone 6+ $79 $249
iPhone 6S+ $99 $279
iPhone 7 $119 $249
iPhone 7+ $129 $279
iPhone 8 $139 $249
iPhone 8+ $149 $279
iPhone X $249 $449
iPhone XS $259 $449
iPhone XR $199 $319
iPhone XS Max $349 $529
iPhone 11 $259 $319
iPhone 11 Pro $N/A $449
iPhone 11 Pro Max $N/A $529

If your LCD damaged or touch is not working, you need to pay $20-$50 extra.

Check Apple website for their latest repair price list and remember you need to make appointment with Apple genius bar. It would take up to 4 hours for their phone screen repair service.

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